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Before diving deep in lets learn about some terminology that we are going to use.

What is Forking ?

What is Pull Request?

For instance, a user Sam forks a repository of Sachin and makes changes to that repository. Now Sam can make a pull request to Sachin but it’s up to…

An introduction to the command line text editor, and a few helpful tips to get you started.

You do not need to be a command-line wizard to be able to use Vim. Using Vim consists of three simple steps: opening Vim, making the necessary text edits, then saving and exiting.

Opening Vim

vim Helloworld.txt

Using the vim command followed by a file name will result in opening that file in the vim editor. If that file does not already exist in your current directory, it will be created.

Sachin Maurya

Wannabe a ethical hacker

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